Ceramic knives

  • Eco-friendly material.
  • Very sharp, remain sharp longer than steel. 
  • Made of sintered metal with zirconium oxide which is 40% harder than steel. 
  • Do not require sharpening. 
  • Not rust, does not give the product a metallic taste. 
  • Ceramic knives easy and pleasant to use.

Instructions for use:

Use a ceramic knife to cut soft foods: vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood on only plastic or wooden cutting board.
Avoid cutting on marble, glass, ceramics and metalle.
Avoid falling ceramic knife on hard surfaces, bending and pressure on the knife blade
Never wash in a dishwasher.
Keep the knife in a knife rack or in a sheath.
Use a knife only in accordance with the instructions.


Set of ceramic knives HCGS222

Ceramic knife +  piller. The size of the knife: 17cm..

2.86€ Ex Tax: 2.36€

Ceramic knife P7W05

Ceramic knife. Size: 25cm..

4.99€ Ex Tax: 4.12€

Vegetable cutter JPL 303BK

Vegetable cutter with a ceramic blade. Size: 9 x 30 x H5.5cm Working surface width 75 mm. Working surface length 160 mm. The width of the ceramic knife is 12 mm. The knife has a double-sided sharpening. Vegetable holder with retractable fo..

6.10€ Ex Tax: 5.04€

Knife sharpener JRS201

Knife sharpener with ceramic countertops. Size: 11 x 1.5 x H4cm..

2.35€ Ex Tax: 1.94€

Knives sheaths BZDT66

Knives sheaths. Size: 4 x 15.5cm..

0.87€ Ex Tax: 0.72€

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